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For release on September 20, 2002
nPowerSofware, Inc.

nPower introduces Power Solids

The Only Limit is Your Creativity!

David Gill
VP Product Development, nPower Software, Inc.
13064 Trail Dust Ave.
San Diego, CA  92129



nPower Software announces the release of Power Solids, the second of a series of "Power" plug-ins for Discreet 3ds max, and Power Translators. The revolutionary Power Solids plug-in brings the power of solids modeling with precise higher order surfaces into 3ds max. For the first time, 3ds max / VIZ users will have access to precise animated Booleans and filleting. Power Solids extends the modeling domain of 3ds max to include a NURBS-based non-manifold Boundary Representation (BREP) that is typically found in high end CAD systems. Power Solids offers a precise, high quality NURBS display without polygonal artifacts, along with the flexibility to create complex geometry through extrusions, revolutions, sweeps, skinning, fillets, shelling, offsets, and Boolean operations. All of these operations can be fully animated to create dynamic "living" objects that transcend the imagination. Power Solids greatly extends 3ds max’ competitive position in the high-end design and animation market. Power Translators provides precise translation of IGES, STEP, SAT, and Rhino files. Power Solids includes Power Translators, and provides the following advanced features:

* Import of IGES, STEP, SAT, and Rhino solids and trimmed surfaces into precise BREPs.
* View dependent tessellation for superior image quality
* Precise NURBS-based Booleans
* Exceptional performance on complex objects
* Solids-based shelling and offsetting
* Powerful filleting (handles most large radius cases – cliff, rollover, intersecting and self intersecting fillets)
* Animate all operations


Power Solids allows you to create a virtually limitless assortment of complex geometry quickly and easily. The illustration below shows some of the complicated geometry that can be created using Power Solids Boolean operations.

Power Solids sells for $495. Power Translators sells for $295. We have a special discounted introductory offer through December 15th. Power Solids and Power Translators will be available for purchase at the nPower Software on-line store (, and through various resellers throughout the world. A free 15 day evaluation copy can be downloaded at .

The next example shows how Power Solids can be animated (with 4 frames from a Power Solids animation).

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