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nPower Software announces Power RhinoToMax

San Diego, January 20, 2004 - nPower Software announces Power RhinoToMax for 3ds Max / Viz.  Power RhinoToMax provides translation of native Rhino models directly into 3ds Max / Viz.  Now users can build high quality surface models in the powerful Rhino modeling environment and import them directly into 3ds Max / Viz for high quality renderings, animation, etc.  Power RhinoToMax introduces a new precise NURBS-based boundary representation object within Max / Viz for the most precise modeling representation within Max / Viz.  Instead of importing imprecise polygonal approximations, Power RhinoToMax uses its precise representation to generate extraordinarily smooth, crack free renderings without polygonal artifacts.  Power RhinoToMax opens a streamlined portal to the advanced 3D modeling and rendering environment of 3ds Max.  Power RhinoToMax combined with the powerful 3D modeling and rendering environment of 3ds Max / Viz is the premiere solution for Design Visualization of Rhino models. No designer who uses both Rhino and 3ds Max / Viz should be without this essential tool.  

Power RhinoToMax utilizes a state of the art precise CAD geometric modeling kernel that has been added to 3ds Max.  It performs dynamic tessellation at render time to generate a render mesh with the appropriate level of detail based on the size of the object in the view, eliminating the need for multiple levels of detail.  Power RhinoToMax is powered by SMLib, "The Modeling Kernel of the Future", a NURBS-based modeling kernel from IntegrityWare Inc.  

Power RhinoToMax Features
Power RhinoToMax contains the following features:

  • Native Translation of Rhino Models
  • Import Precise Trimmed NURBS
  • User Control of Tessellation for Display / Rendering
  • Batch Import with Mesh Generation
  • Manual Sewing of Import Data
  • Trim / Un-trim Surfaces
  • Snapping to Imported Rhino Objects

Native Translation of Rhino 3dm Files
You can directly import native Rhino model files for optimum throughput.  Maximize your rendering efficiency and quality using the native translation directly into the excellent 3ds Max rendering environment.

High Quality Mesh Generation
The user has detailed control over the tessellation quality; he/she can control the level of detail, the maximum edge length, arc length, etc.

Batch Import with Mesh Generation
You can import multiple Rhino model files simultaneously with the batch import feature.  The automatic mesh generation will generate a high quality mesh suitable for accurate, high quality renderings.

Editable Brep Object
Like the Max Editable Mesh and Editable Poly commands, the Editable Brep command allows the user to easily manipulate sub-objects of the BREP.  In addition, you can sew together faces, flip face normals, trim and un-trim, project curves, apply materials to faces, and other editing options.  You can trim surfaces by curve projections or surface intersections.  One of the great things about Power RhinoToMax is that even when your Rhino data is not correct, you can use the powerful Power RhinoToMax editing tools to cleanup the models before rendering or animating.  

Snapping to BREPs
Power Solids now supports snapping to its BREP objects.  You can snap to edges, faces, vertices, edge midpoint and end points, greatly facilitating associative construction techniques.

How to Get Power RhinoToMax for 3ds Max / Viz
Turbo charge your 3ds Max and Rhino with Power RhinoToMax, and unleash the power of your creativity.  Power RhinoToMax sells for $295.  Power RhinoToMax is available for purchase at the nPower Software on-line store (, and through various resellers throughout the world.  A free 30 day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the nPower Software web site at .

Customer Quotes
Jonas Ahnme: "I would like to say that you have an awesome product. It's a great feeling to be able to open 3dm files directly from 3ds / Viz, after a couple of years of exporting meshed 3ds objects, and failing IGES geometries from Rhino to Viz. The Brep wireframe looks a lot better than the default Viz wireframe, and for some reason I feel it's easier to pick the right objects with the Brep wireframe."

Richard Toften: "Your plug-in is fantastic and I use it all the time, importing from Rhino... Thanks for providing such a useful tool!"

Joel Fazzi: "What can I say?...........................It is incredible, you're making us look good out here in the 3d world with minimal effort, I love the new stuff!; there is nothing I can throw at this that it can't handle."

About nPower Software
nPower Software LLC is a company founded by IntegrityWare, Inc. ( employees to market the technology developed by IntegrityWare over the past 7 years into the end-user graphics plug-in market. 

nPower Software Contact
David Gill, VP of Product Development




Translated Rhino model from Frances Gainer Davey.  View high resolution image


Translated Rhino model from Akira Ota.  View high resolution image.


Translated Rhino model from Frances Gainer Davey.  View high resolution image


Translated Rhino model from Akira Ota.  View high resolution image.

Lighting model imported by Aksel Karcher.  View high resolution image