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nPower Software announces Power Solids Viewer and Power Booleans Viewer

San Diego, February 19, 2004 - nPower Software announces 2 new free products:  Power Solids Viewer and Power Booleans Viewer for 3ds Max / Viz.  Power Solids, Power Translators, Power RhinoToMax and Power Booleans have become popular tools for artists, engineers, designers, architects, and others.  Since these plug-ins have become so popular, there is a strong need to share models created with these plug-ins.  Now models built with these popular programs can be shared with others using the new free viewer plug-ins.  Power Solids viewer allows users to view and render models created with Power Solids, Power Translators and Power RhinoToMax.  Power Booleans viewer allows viewing and rendering of models containing Power Booleans.

About Power Solids
Power Solids introduces a state of the art precise CAD geometric modeling kernel into 3ds Max.  It performs dynamic tessellation at render time to generate the most precise and efficient representation.  Power Solids and Power Translators data is very well suited for export back to CAD systems through our STEP, IGES, SAT, Rhino data translation.  Power Solids and Power Translators are powered by SOLIDS++, the Object Oriented Modeling Kernel, a powerful NURBS based solids modeling kernel from IntegrityWare.  

About Power Booleans
The Power Booleans plug-in extends 3ds Max with powerful, accurate, and fun polygonal Boolean operations.  Power Booleans also supports level editing, quad meshing, and integrated decimation.  Power Booleans is powered by POPLib, a powerful polygonal modeling kernel from IntegrityWare

How to Get Power Solids viewer and Power Booleans viewer for 3ds Max / Viz
Power Solids viewer is free and can be downloaded from the nPower Software web site at

About nPower Software
nPower Software LLC is a company founded by IntegrityWare, Inc. ( employees to market the technology developed by IntegrityWare over the past 7 years into the end-user graphics plug-in market.

nPower Software Contact
David Gill, VP of Product Development





Turbine modeled by Akihiko Tarutani using Power Solids and Power Booleans.  View high resolution image


Rhino model from Akira Ota translated into 3ds Max using Power Translators.  View high resolution image.