Power Solids & Power Booleans 3.0 for Rhino 3.0 Help

The Power Solids product for Rhino has 3 commands, which can be accessed by typing in the command name or using the nPowerSoftware menu.  The commands names are "PowerFillet", "PowerBoolTree", "PowerShell", "PowerFaceEdit" and "PowerSurfaceFillet". The Power Booleans product uses the "PowerBoolTree" command in Power Solids with with additional enhancements to produce Meshes from NURBS and to provide Booleans on MESH objects.  Details about how to use these commands is documented here as follows:

Quick Help for Each Command and Dialog:

PowerBoolTree Meshing Dialog
PowerBoolTree Auto Fillet Dialog

Video Tutorials For Each Command:

PowerFillet Video
PowerBoolTree Video
PowerBoolTree Advanced Usage Video
PowerBoolTree Meshing Dialog Video
PowerBoolTree Auto Fillet Dialog Video
PowerShell Video
PowerFaceEdit Video
PowerSurfaceFillet Video



The "nPower" menu should appear on the Main toolbar and the Power Solids
ToolBar should also appear.  The ToolBar buttons are from left to right:
PowerFillet, PowerShell, PowerBoolTree, PowerSurfaceFillet, PowerFaceEdit

NOTE:  The first time you run you will need to install the plug-in using
the Rhino Plug-in Manager.  Select the "Tools/Plugin Manager" from the
main menu and select the "Load" button in the Dialog.  There should be a
"PowerSolids*.rhp" file in your ".../Rhinoceros/Plug-ins" directory that can
be selected for loading.

To see the ToolBar you will need to load the PowerSolids toolbar.
From the main menu select "Tools/Toolbar Layout...".  In the "Toolbars" dialog
"Import" and select the Power Solids toolbar "PowerSolids.tb" which resides
in the c:/Program Files/Rhinoceros 3.0/Plug-ins directory or what ever directory
where your version of Rhino 3.0 lives
If you have the tool bar loaded and
don't see the tools, make sure there is a check mark in the PowerSolids
toolbar on the bottom window when you select PowerSolids in the top window
of the Toolbar Layout dialog.

This plug-in is an "auto-load" plug-in.  This means that you will not
see the menu until you invoke the command the first time during the session
and force the plug-in to load.  You can do this by typing one of the commands
into the Rhino command line "PowerFillet", "PowerShell", etc. or
selecting one of the commands from the Power Solids Toolbar.