Power Surfacing lets you choose between Box, Torus, Cylinder, Plane and Cone primitive objects for use as the starting Control Mesh. Each allows you to set its various parameters. You must click the Accept check mark to start editing the new SubD. You can cancel the creation by clicking the red X.

The Planar Surface is an open edged SubD object. If you are used to creating with surfaces rather than volumes you may wish to use this option to start your SubD. If you plan on extending the edges upward, you may want to use the Flip Normals option before creation

(command panels)

(Flip Normals)

Mid Plane  

All Primitives have the option to be extruded from the Create Plane upward or, if checked, from Mid Plane

(showing planes)

Rotation Offset

Primitive objects can also be rotated to an offset during the create process. Checking Offset Rotation brings up a text box that allows you to type in the rotation in degrees.  

(showing rotation)

Creation Plane (all primitives)

In the Creation Plane section, you can set the creation plane and change the default orientation for the primitive by selecting it from the Feature Tree in the viewport. The selected plane will appear in both the selection list box and in the viewport.



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