Create From Sketch

You may use sketches to create the SubD solid by selecting the Create From Sketch option from the creation dropdown. If the sketch was selected prior to selecting Create From Sketch, it will automatically be put into the Sketch Selection box. If it was not selected, selecting any part of the sketch is sufficient. If the sketch is not visible, you can select it from the Feature Tree in the viewport.

With a sketch selected, you will need to select either Create Solid SubD From Sketch, or Create Planar SubD From Sketch. With a Solid, you have the option to extrude the SubD up from the create plane or mid plane, just as with the primitives.  Preliminary extrusion height is calculated using the average edge length, but is easy to adjust once in Power Surface edit mode.  

The sketch will do it’s best to approximate the curves with the subdivided mesh.

Note that the association with the sketch is not maintained and you are free to edit the resulting SubD model in any way you see fit.



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