• Q. How do I start a model?

Use one of the primitives in the Power Surfacing drop down or create a sketch and use the create from sketch in the drop down on the left of the toolbar. After you set the parameters of the primitive, click the green check to go into Power Surfacing editing mode.

  • Q. How do I use ... tool?

All of the Power Surfacing Tools are documented in our help file which can be found by clicking the "?" button in the Power Surfacing Toolbar. You can also find it here.

  • Q. Why doesn't transparency mode work?

In order to access the transparency feature, your graphics card must support at least OpenGL 3.3 (or above)...

  • Q. Why can't I see the subD Box after "Create Box" command?

Your graphics card is unsupported and still passed our graphics card check. To fix this, navigate to Tools > Power Surfacing > Options... and under "General" check the "Disable shaders" box.

  • Q. I installed a new version, and the UI is messed up. How do I restore the user interface?

The following steps should restore your User Interface to show the correct tools and icons.
1) Close both the Power Surfacing and Power Surfacing RE tabs by clicking on the "X" to close out the tabs
2) Go to the Tools->Addins menu and turrn off both check marks for Power Surfacing
3) Quit out of SolidWorks
4) Restart SolidWorks by running as Administrator (right click on SLDWorks.exe and choose "Run as Administrator" from the popup menu)
5) Go to the Tools-Addins menu and turn Power Surfacing back on (click on the check boxes)

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