Frequently Asked Questions - Power Surfacing for SOLIDWORKS®

If you haven't done so already, please watch the "Getting Started Video". This will show you the basics of using the Power Surfacing add-in.

Installation FAQ

Licensing FAQ


Upgrades and Subscriptions

  • Q. How do I upgrade to the latest version of the software?

    Visit our download page to get the latest installer.

    If you are using a standalone license and are current on maintenance, then the license should be picked up automatically.

    If you are on a Network License, then you may also need to re-link the new version of SOLIDWORKS through the NLM. To do this, run the NLM on the client machine, navigate to File > Link to SolidWorks, and then choose the appropriate version of SOLIDWORKS. A "Linked Successful" message should appear.

    If you have additional questions regarding upgrades, please contact our support team at

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  • Q. Am I eligible to get the latest version?

    Users who are up to date on the annual maintenance subscription are eligible for patch releases and the next major release. Users who do not meet this description will need to purchase an upgrade.

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  • Q. Is the maintenance subscription required?

    No. However, users without maintenance subscriptions are ineligible for upgrades to patch releases or the latest major release.

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Import/Export FAQ