LOD Tools

Level of Detail Level of Detail (LOD) provides you with a means to add more detail to the SubD without losing the ability to make broader changes to original version. It essentially adds up to four Subdivide Alls to the SubD while allowing editing at any level individually. The base level is considered to be level 0.

Be aware that aside from the base level, the level of detail geometry (vertices, edges and faces) can only be transformed (move, rotate, scale). You may not use any tools that change the vertex count of the SubD (Weld, Insert Edges, Extrude, Offset Loop, etc.).  

When you first use Level of Detail, the fly-out will give you a choice of level to work in, (see figure to right top).  Once you are in LOD mode you can clear the current level or turn off the level of detail and return to level 0.  

The images below depict a typical LOD workflow.  The first image in the top row is the original handle shape.  The second image is after Level Of Detail Two command. The third image shows putting a thumb support on the handle by dragging two faces up and over.  The fourth image shows putting finger grips on the model by selecting two edges and pulling them toward the center.

The first image in the second row shows the model in the original editing mode after Level Of Detail Off.  The second image shows an edit of the top level.  Note how the LOD remains constant relative to the local face normal.  The third image shows the converted Solidworks body.

An important feature of the LOD is the fact that the encoding of the LOD modifications are encoded in the local frame of each Face.  That means that the LOD modifications will maintain their relative shape even with the top level faces are rotated.  

The description of each of the tools is as follows:

Level Of Detail One/Two/Three/Four

These commands choose which level to edit.  Note that very fine edits can be made at levels Three and Four.  See row 1 below for our model shown at each LOD starting at Level Zero.

Remove Selected

Remove the LOD from the selected Faces, Edges and Vertices.

Clear Current Level

Removes all LOD in the current editing level.  You must be in one of the levels to enable this command.

Level Of Detail Off

Saves the current LOD edits and returns to the original editing level or Level 0.

Bake to LOD

Occasionally you may wish to bake the modifications made by the constraints into the SubD and remove any references surfaces.  Bake to LOD pushes the modifications imposed by the reference surfaces into the LOD tables.  This command is only found in the Tools/Power Surfacing/ Constraints menu.  

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