Creates a mirror image of the model using the selected edges or faces as a guide.  In general it will snap the mirror plane to the closest orthographic plane (x, y, or z) for its orientation.  Note that the green edges are edges which are constrained to the mirror plane.  After you do a mirror, only one side of the mirror is editable.  The other side simply reflects the original side.  

Available from Edge and Face modes.

Toggle Mirror

Toggles the visibility of the mirrored side of the model on and off. Editing done while the mirrored side is hidden will be seen once the hidden side is toggled back to visible.

Unify Mirror

Remove the mirror and create faces in the SubD where the mirror used to exist.

On Mirror

Takes selected edges or faces and puts them onto the mirror plane.  Note that if you add a face, you may need to delete the face to get it to connect to the other side.   See illustrations below.  

Edit Mirror Plane

This allows you to modify the mirror plane either through a dialog or gizmo manipulation.

   Remove Mirror

    Removes the mirrored side when Mirror is active.

In the row of images below, the first image shows the original part with the face selected that is to be mirrored.  The second image shows the result of the Mirror.  The third image shows the On Mirror with the selection of the top face.  Note that all of the edges of the face are now on the mirror plane in the third image.  Deleting the face produces the result in the fourth image.  It is also possible to delete the face first and then select the loop for the On Mirror command and end up with exactly the same result.

In the top row of images below, the first image demonstrates the highlighting of both the ring of faces on the mirror side and the original side.  The second image shows an edit applied to that selection which is reflected on both sides of the mirror.  The third image shows the result of Toggle Mirror where the mirror side is hidden temporarily until the next Toggle Mirror occurs.  

In the bottom row of images, the first image shows the result after the Edit Mirror Plane tool is selected.  The mirror plane is shown in a Cyan color with a transformation gizmo showing to allow you to modify the mirror plane.  The dialog on the right allows you to make direct edits to the mirror plane without using the Gizmo.  The second image on the bottom row shows a 15 degree Y rotation applied to the mirror plane.  The last image in the bottom row shows the result after Unify Mirror.  Note that only one side is selected.

Note that Mirror with constrained to Solidworks geometry requires you to first Bake .  You should bake the to LOD found in the constraints menu.  

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