Power Surfacing has its own unique context aware gizmo. Besides the usual transforms, move, rotate and scale, you will be able to access many of the command's advanced parameters right in the viewport.

The Transform Triad or Gizmo

The Transform gizmo provides access to Move, Rotate and Scale with both single and dual axis functionality. Uniform scale is performed by using the center of the gizmo. Use the Wedge shaped portion of the gizmo for dual axis moves. Use the diamond shaped portion to perform dual axis scales.

Specialty Gizmos

The Expand gizmo allows you to increase or decrease the size of a face or sub-object selection during extrudes or bevels.

The Rotation gizmo allows you to rotate the selected subobjects while the command using it is active.

The Increment Value gizmo allows you to increase segments in Extrude, Bridge and Insert Loops commands. With Partial Crease activated, it lets you change the crease amount on selected edges.  

The Value Adjustment gizmo allows you to adjust float values pertaining to the current command while active. Commands such as Bridge allow the tension at either end to be adjusted. Commands such as Insert Loops allow you to Slide or Pinch the previewed edge loops.  

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