Selection Region Select

Power Surface follows the same conventions as SolidWorks for region select. Dragging from right to left selects in crossing mode, where sub-objects crossed by the marquee will be selected. In windowed mode, dragging from left to right, only the sub-objects fully within the marquee will be selected.  

When using the selection marquee, back-facing objects will be selected along with those on the front.  


Faces, edges and vertices are previewed in hover mode with orange highlight. When selected, or picked, the sub-object or sub-objects will turn cyan colored.  

To add to the selection, you can hold down the ctrl key. To remove sub-objects from the selection, you can hold the shift key down.

Status Bar  

The number and type of currently selected vertices, edges or faces are shown on the status bar, lower left. Depending on the selection, it may also show location, length, weight, or other pertinent information.

Smart Selection (Double Clicking)

In Edge selection or Any selection mode, the position of the cursor over the edge will determine if an edge loop or edge ring will be selected. Double clicking the outer third of the edge will select a loop, while double clicking the center third will select a ring. With faces, the edge nearest the cursor will determine the direction of the face loop. Zoom in closer for more accuracy.

Soft Selection

Selections can also be "soft." The influence of transforms can be set to expand beyond the selection, diminishing with distance.  

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