Import Reference Mesh

Import Reference

Import reference allows the selection of one or more faces from one or more Solidworks bodies.  It is possible to create a SubD which connects two different bodies.  The command panel shows the imported reference entities.  If you select an already selected face it will deselect it.

The first image in the top row of images below shows what the model looks like prior to Import Reference.  The second image shows the selection of the cylindrical face.  The image to the right shows the command panel after this selection is made.  The third image shows what the model looks like after the accept of the Import Reference.  Note that we can now see the imported cylinder with yellow crosshatching and blue edges.  

If you use the Disable Solidworks Blocking in the Power Surfacing Options dialog, you can hide the original body using the history tree on the left hand side of the display.  This is shown in the first image in the second row.  The second image shows the result after selecting the bottom loop of edges (note that these are open edges) and constraining them to the face using To Face tool.  The third image shows conversion with the Delete and Knit conversion option.  This option will be able to create a new solid as shown in the final image in the bottom row.

Remove Constraint

Sometimes you may need to change a constraint or fix an issue if the underlying geometry of the reference surfaces changes substantially.  The Remove Constraint tool enables you to remove constraints from selected SubD faces, edges and vertices.  If you select a face, Remove Constraint may also remove constraints on the edges and vertices if the constraints are of the same order (i.e. face constraints).  Removing edge constraints will conversely remove vertex constraints.

Remove All Constraints

Remove All Constraints removes all constraints and override constraints from the entire SubD mesh.  The reference geometry will still remain in place.

Clear All References

Clear All References removes all reference surfaces and removes all constraints from the entire SubD mesh.  After this command you will typically need to Import Reference again and reapply the constraints to the SubD mesh.

Toggle Constraint Visibility

This tool changes the visibility of the yellow crosshatch and blue edges used to show the reference surfaces in SubD editing mode.

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