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Power Surfacing provides a way connect and constrain the SubD geometry to existing Solidworks bodies and surfaces. The SubDs can retain a relationship to analytically defined shapes such as circular and ellipse-based cylinders or complex multi-surface elements.  These connections may be tangent, perpendicular, at a defined angle or even curvature continuous.

The first image in top row of images below shows the original Power Surface constrained to an extruded circle body.  The second image shows a converted curvature continuous body created by the Power Feature using the Delete and Knit conversion option.  The second image shows the Zebra display and illustrates the curvature continuity achieved.

The first image on the bottom shows a Zebra display of tangent continuity.  The second image shows no continuity.  The third image shows a perpendicular connection to the original body.  

The image below shows the ability of a Power Surface SubD to connect in multiple different ways to Solidworks.  A is a edge constraint on a single edge.  B is an edge constraint on 8 different tangent edges.  C is a face constraint with tangency.  D is a constraint to a datum plane.

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