Selection Filters

Select Any

Allows for selection of any of the three sub-object types: Vertex, Edge, and Face. Once a sub-object is selected, Add  (Shift Key) and Remove (Ctrl Key) act only on that selection type. With nothing selected, dragging a region will select vertices. With something selected, dragging a region will select the current sub-object type only.  An Edge Ring smart selection is available by double clicking in the middle half of an edge.  Edge Loop smart selection is available by double clicking nearer the ends of the edge. Face Ring smart selection is available by double clicking the face near the edge in the direction of the desired ring.

Face, Edge, Vertex  

Allows the selection of the corresponding face, edge or vertex types only.

Edge Loop

Selects a connected set of continuous edges that may form a closed loop. Interior loops stop and start at vertices that don’t have exactly four edges. Exterior loops will continue around the boundary until they reach their starting point regardless of the edge count of their vertices.    

Edge Ring

A set of edges between connected four sided faces, where the two edges on a given face do not share vertices. In other words, edges not connected to each other.  See the middle image to right.

Face Ring

A connected set of four sided faces where opposite edges of each face form the connections. Face mode direction is determined by the location the face is picked.  See the bottom image to the right.

Select by Element

Selects all the faces which are directly or indirectly connected to the given face.   This is sometimes a shell or region.

Back Face Cull

When doing fence selection this flag will disallow selection of backward facing faces.

Stop At Corners

When selecting a lamina loop this flag will stop the selection at a corner where only 2 edges meet.  The left image below is the default.  The right image shows selection when Stop At Corners is selected.

Continuous Selection

Continuous selection allows you to hold down on the mouse and select any object that the mouse goes over.  It is typically used to select a group of faces quickly.  

Copy On Move

When selecting this button,  any moves of faces will copy the faces and create new faces.  Note that this is a one time use button and it will turn off after the move is executed.  To do multiple copies you will need to reselect this button each time.

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