Select All

Selects the entire object in the current mode. If you are in Any mode, the last used selection type will be used.  


Inverts the selection in whatever sub-object mode you are in.

Hide Selected

Hides selected faces. When used with vertex or edge mode, all faces associated with the vertex or edge will be hidden as well.  


Makes all hidden faces and their corresponding edges and vertices visible.  

Expand Selection

Expands the current sub-object selection one row/column in all directions each click of the button.  

The selection expanded to the adjacent sub-object with each click of the button

Contract Selection

Contracts the current sub-object selection one row/column in all directions with each click of the button. Contracting the selection will not necessary give the same result as undoing an expand selection. Once expanded to include all sub-objects, Contract will not function. At that point you should use the regular undo.

Partial Loop  

This command allows you to select a series of edges in a loop but not the whole loop.  This command requires 3 edge selections.  The first edge is the start edge (upper left image below).  The second edge defines the direction of the pick (upper right image below).  The third edge defines the end of the loop (lower left image below).  After these three edges are selected you can select the partial loop button and it will select the remaining edges of the partial loop (lower right image below).

Scale About Local Origin  

If you select this button, subsequent scaling of objects will be about the local origin of a connected set of objects not the origin of the entire selection set.  This is the equivalent of scaling separate selections using the same scale factor.  It is often useful for adjusting objects on opposite sides of a symmetric object.  The image to the left below shows scaling two groups of two faces without this option and the image on the right shows scaling with this option.


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