Specialty Options

Edge/Vertex Weight

This number box will display the weight (creasing strength) of the currently selected edges or vertices.  Note that a face selection will be the equivalent of selecting all of the edges of that face for weighting.  You can modify the weights of the selected objects using this number box.  Below you can see a set of selected edges with weights of 20, 40 and 60.

Quick Move

This option enables you to move a vertex without needing to select it and move the gizmo.  It saves the orientation of the last move and utilizes that so you can click-hold-move vertices using the previous orientation.  Typically you will be moving vertices in one of the planes.

Constrained Move

This option constrains the move of a vertex to be along one of the edges which are attached to the vertex.  If you grab a vertex on a corner of a box, you can only move it along one of the edges coming into that vertex.

Soft Selection

This option allows you to move vertices near a selection in a falloff manner.  Vertices near the selection move some but not as much as their selection.  The color coding shows the falloff relative to the move.  The number corresponds to a percentage of the overall model size.  See the before and after images to the right for a move with a 33% soft selection setting.  

Paint Selection

Paint selection allows you to select by painting (holding down on the mouse) over a given area and it picks up all selections within the radius of the paint tool.  See the image below for an

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