option to turn off auto-updating (for retopo) (5)

lighter weight files, faster loading and conversions

Quad Wrap (RE)

Advanced automated Quad Wrap tool that follows object curvature / geometry

five-sided faces(5) suport for better surface breakdown

Tools to support automatic Quad Wrap,  open edges check

Shrink Wrap (RE)

"Update Shrink Wrap" tool - allows quick editing and update after shrink Wrap & tweak

Shrink Wrap- optimization options- lighter weight solutions, options for smoother areas for faceted scanned geometry(5)

intersecting faces check


Constrain to 2D & 3D sketches and planes

Trim and Knit removes the need to create fragile 3D sketches,

constraints- curvature continuous

A new addition to the tangency options is Curvature continuous, aka G2 curvature.

you can see

Selecting reference surfaces- yellow grid will not appear until

Misc RE Tools

Wrap command - added new option to create solid box (see Topology Optimization)

This option makes it easy to bridge rough areas created by Topology optimization.

Misc Tools

Draft Angle

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