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Create an extruded solid or surface from one or more profile curves.  If one curve is inside of another it will automatically make the second a hole of the first. 

Distance:  Determines the thickness or distance for the extrusion.

Draft Angle: Applies a draft angle to the extrude.

  Cap Ends  

Cap Ends If Closed:  Selecting this option will close off the ends of the extrusion and make it a closed solid.  Turning this option off will leave "holes" in the ends of the extrusion, creating non-solid object.

  Profile Operations  

It is possible to produce the extrusion from a set of curves which represent an offset of the original profile curves by setting the profile options. 

Offset Distance:  Entering an offset distance value will offset the profile while creating the extrusion.  The direction of the offset is determined by the offset direction option (In, Out, Both).
Offset Direction (In, Out, Both):  Determines the direction of the profile offset (if an offset distance is entered).  The "In" option will offset the profile toward the center of the profile (essentially shrinking the profile).  The "Out" option offsets the profile outward (making it a larger profile).  The "Both" option offsets in both directions so that the profile is the center of the offset.
Extend at Corners:  When profiles are offset, this option will extend the corners and round them.
Hollow Out Result:  Use this option to hollow the extrusion shape.  The offset value will provide the thickness of the extrusion.