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Power NURBS Version 13.00   
Power Solids Version 13.00       
Power Translators Version 13.00 

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Powered by SOLIDS++: "Modeling Kernel of the Future" available from IntegrityWare (www.IntegrityWare.com)

  About Quick Help  

Quick Help links are available from the Power Solids / Power NURBS / Power Translators Dialogs.  Click on the "?" button to get context sensitive help about the specific dialog.  Below you can also find a list of the Quick Help links for your reference.

Video Tutorials can be found here at the nPower Web site.

Additional information of sketch related functions can be found here.


  Power NURBS Quick Help Links  

Pwr_Blend             Blend Surface
Pwr_Bevel             Create a Bevel around a Surface
Pwr_BlndCrv          Blend Curve
Pwr_FaceEdit        Replace the Surface of a Face
          Apply Details by Projecting a Curve onto a NURBS Object
Pwr_HelixSweep    Helical Sweep one Curve around another Curve  
Pwr_IsoCurve         Create Iso-Parameteric Curve on a Surface 
Pwr_CornerBlend   Create a Corner Blend Surface between 2, 3 or 4 Curves  
Pwr_Offset             Offset surfaces
           Project a curve onto a surface
      Sweep one or more Shapes along one or more Rails  
Pwr_Shell              Shell an object
          Filleting between two Surfaces 
Pwr_SrfTools         Surface tools for sewing, draping, etc.
          Grouping Command used to Multiple Surfaces at one Time 
Pwr_Trim               Trim a NURBS Surface with a Curve
Pwr_XCurve           Create curve which is the projection of two curves on orthogonal planes 
Surface Analysis
    Dialog to control surface analysis 
Tangency Parameters  Dialog to control Sketch tangency parameters

Pwr_Rectangle      Creates a Sketch Rectangle in a variety of ways.
Pwr_Circle            Creates a Sketch Circle in a variety of ways.
Pwr_Plane            Creates an editable Planar Surface and corresponding spline cage.
Pwr_Box               Creates an editable Box and corresponding spline cage.
Pwr_Cylinder         Creates an editable Cylinder and corresponding spline cage.
Pwr_Sphere          Creates an editable Sphere and corresponding spline cage.
Pwr_Tube             Creates a Advanced Tube Object from one or more curves.

  Power Solids / Power Translators Quick Help Links  

Pwr_2DBoolean      Boolean for 2D Sketches 
Pwr_Assembly       Assembly Structure Object created on Import
Pwr_Boolean          Boolean for NURBS Solids/Surfaces and 2D Sketches 
Pwr_CompSkt        Compose a Sketch from NURBS Brep Edges 
Pwr_Cutter             Cutter used to Subdivide and Section Objects
Pwr_EditNRB         Editable NURBS Brep that has no History
Pwr_EditSkt           Editable Sketch Object that has no History 
Pwr_Export            Export Commands to export IGES, STEP, Rhino, etc. 
Pwr_Extrude          Extrude one or more Sketches or Max Shapes 
Pwr_FaceSkt         Sketch on a Face 
Pwr_Fillet               Fillet (round) the Edges of a NURBS Brep 
Pwr_Import             Import Commands to import IGES, STEP, Rhino, etc. 
Pwr_Join               Join one or more Surfaces into single NURBS Brep  
Pwr_NURBS          Grouping Command to Edit multiple NURBS Breps 
Pwr_OffSkt            Create an Offset Sketch from a Sketch Curve 
Pwr_Pipe               Create a Pipe Object
Pwr_Planar            Create a Planar Face from a Planar Sketch or Shape
Pwr_Revolve           Revolve a Sketch or Shape about an Axis 
Pwr_Shell              Shell or Offset a Surface or NURBS Brep 
Pwr_Sketch           Create a Sketch Object with one or more Sketch Curves 
Pwr_Skin               Create a Skin through one or more Sketch Curves or Shapes 
Pwr_STLExport       Export to STL for Rapid Prototyping 
Pwr_Sweep            Sweep a Profile along a Rail
Pwr_Swung            Create a Swung Surface 
Pwr_Slice              Cross-section Breps
Surface Visibility Floater    Flip Surfaces of Breps
Curve Reconstruction        Curve Reconstruction Dialog in the Sketch Objects      
Face Display Parameters  Dialog to Control Face Display Options  
Filleting & Offsetting         NURBS Brep Dialog for Automatic Filleting or Offset/Shell  
NURBS / Sketch Snaps   Snapping for NURBS Brep and Sketches     
Offset Parameters            Curve Offset Parameters in some NURBS Brep commands
Operator Parameters        Sub-Object Operator Dialog
Query Operations             NURBS Brep Query Operations 
Rendering Parameters      Render Mesh Creation Parameters  
Viewport Display Parameters  Viewport Mesh and Wireframe Display Parameters      

  Additional Help  

Hitting the escape key will exit Power NURBS / Power Solids / Power Translators commands.

You may add the Power Solids, Power Translators & Power NURBS tools to any toolbar or create your own using the "Customize/Customize User Interface" "Toolbars" tab dialog. All of the commands now begin with "Pwr_", which makes it very easy to find the commands. 

We also suggest that for convenience you add "Pwr_EditNRB command" to the lower right quad menu using the "Quads" tab in the "Customize/Customize User Interface" dialog. We also rename it to "Convert To EditableNURBS" to make it consistent with the other "Convert To" commands there.

There are also a bunch of macro scripts defined which can be mapped to either custom quad menus or to the keyboard.