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Power Join provides the ability to join together separate objects into a single NURBS Brep.  The following options determine how the objects are combined.

Sew Edges To Edges:  This option will sew together edges of adjoining surfaces (removing the seams or gaps), making them into a single surface
Glue Edges To Surfaces:  This option is similar to the "Sew Edges" option except that the surfaces remain separate.
Do Nothing:  No sewing or merging will be performed
Intersect + Merge Faces:  Surfaces are intersected and merged together to form a solid object bounded by the merged surfaces

Remove Excess Faces
Remove Excess Faces:  Removes trimmed faces that are outside of the Power NURBS Brep that is being created.  For example, surfaces that are merged together (with the "Intersect + Merge Faces" option) will be trimmed back, and the excess material (faces that are outside of the boundary of the resulting solid) will be removed.