Defines an edge boundary that will be retained in the SolidWorks BREP.  This can be helpful in retaining SolidWorks features during repeated editing of the SubD.  If you have two face groups selected, they will be part of the same boundary group.  Note that green edges will surround the boundary.

Available from face selection mode. Clear Boundary

Clears the boundary associated with the current faces.   Clear All Boundary

Removes all boundaries from the model. Boundary Tools

Brings up a dialog (shown to the right) that shows all of the groups of faces for each boundary.  This dialog lists the current boundaries.  Note that the Face Group 0 is all of the faces.  You can select the group and it will select the corresponding faces.  If you click the check box it will hide that group of faces.  There are also shortcuts to Boundary, Clear Boundary and Clear All Boundary tools in the top of this dialog.

The first row of images below shows the original SubD and corresponding converted Solidworks body.  The second row of images shows two groups of faces used to make a boundary and the resulting converted Solidworks body.  Note that the green edges in the SubD have corresponding edges in the converted body.

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