NPOWER Software - Advanced Modeling Plugins for 3DSMAX and RHINO

We have a variety of tutorials that should help you understand Power NURBS and Power Solids.
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SubD-NURBS tutorials - take a look at the new modeling paradigm (combining Sub-D modeling with NURBS modeling) and learn how to convert Sub-D meshes into high quality NURBS surfaces.

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Start Here Power NURBS training videos.

This video tutorials series by artist Thom Mitchell is designed to help beginning Power NURBS modeling enthusiasts get started with the basics. If your new start here.

Advanced Construction Tutorials - these video tutorials demonstrate advanced construction of actual objects such as a camera, couch, car hood, etc.
Power NURBS Basic Tutorials - these video tutorials show the basic usage Power NURBS Tools such as rail sweep, blend, etc.
Power NURBS Primitives Tutorials - these video and PDF tutorials show the new sketch primitives such as Power Box, Power Rectangle, etc..
Power NURBS How To Tutorials - these video tutorials focus on how to do a specific task.
Exploring Power NURBS - these video tutorials by one of our developers explore a specific tool or technology in Power NURBS such as tangent control handles, capping objects, etc.
Technical Talks - these videos are in depth technical exploration of the tools by one of our software developers.

Want to Follow along with the tutorials but don't have the tools?


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