- Do you need to import IGES, STEP, SAT, or Rhino files into Max?

- Are you sick and tired of poor quality Polygon translation?

- Tired of dealing with mesh smoothing issues and reversed faces?

- Need to change the resolution of your mesh without re-translating?

- Do you need to import polygonal objects created outside of SolidWorks®?

Translate NURBS Not Polygons

Power Translators are built from the ground up to solve today’s difficult problems of importing quality CAD data into 3ds max. The Plug-in has been battle hardened in the most demanding productions at some of the best 3d visualization rendering facilities in the World. The 3ds professionals spoke and we listened and together we developed the most advanced, best integrated, highest quality Max CAD translator on the market today. We guarantee it.


  • Precise NURBS Representation - Imports Precise geometric NURBS data for Trimmed Surfaces, Solids Models and Assemblies from IGES, STEP, SAT, and Rhino formats. Assemblies can be imported into a Power Assembly to maintain their hierarchical structure.
  • Power NURBS Export - Exports Power NURBS objects into IGES, STEP, SAT and Rhino formats. Bring your Power Solids objects into your favorite CAD system.
  • Power Join - Combines one or more Power NURBS Objects into a single Power NURBS object with optional sewing, merging or intersecting.
  • Power Assembly - Maintains Imported Data’s instancing hierarchy to prevent unnecessary duplication, reducing memory requirements and allowing for larger more complex data sets .
  • Resolution Independent Mesh - Power Translators Imported NURBS objects are procedural allowing you the freedom to increase or decrease the polygon count of the View port Mesh or Render Mesh.
  • Power Editable NURBS - Direct editing of NURBS objects similar to Max’s Editable Mesh tool. It includes: Hide, UnHide, Delete, Faces, Flip Normals, Unify Normals, Intersection, Attach, Detach, etc..
  • Power Navigator - Provides a full hierarchy browser giving you immediate access to objects nested in the history stack.


Have you ever had to re-create a CAD model inside of MAX/VIZ? Power Translators is the answer to get those CAD models and assemblies into MAX or VIZ with the push of a button. Power Translators reads IGES, STEP, SAT, and Rhino and creates a Power NURBS surface/solid within Max to represent the precise geometry defined in these files.  It can then create a mesh at render time to a specified user defined tolerance relative to the size of the object in the image.  For example, a tolerance of 2 or 3 pixels will produce an extremely high quality image with very smooth edges that do not have polygonal artifacts.  The Power NURBS surface/solid introduced by Power Translators can have materials applied at the sub-object level and is able to utilize most MAX Mesh modifiers (twist, UV Map, etc.).  

Power Translators could easily pay for itself on a single project in time savings alone!

Download Demo

“We got stuck with 100 separate IGES files and a week to complete a three and a half minute animation.  With Power Translators, and just a few short hours, we were able to quickly translate all of the files into clean meshes with no smoothing problems.  We met our deadline, and the results were fantastic.  The project wrapped successfully!  Thanks in large part to your software. Thanks again...you really did save this project” 

 -- Steve Teller

Artist: Yusuf Islam