Native translation for 3ds Max for Pro/Engineer, Catia, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Unigraphics, Rhino, JT, Parasolid, STEP, IGES, and SAT

Power Translators Universal for 3ds Max is the optimal solution for design visualization of native CAD models and assemblies.

All of our Power Translators are built from the ground up to solve today’s difficult problems of getting quality CAD data into 3ds max. The Plug-in has been battle hardened in the most demanding productions at some of the best Max visualization rendering facilities in the world. The 3ds professionals spoke and we listened and together we derived the most advanced, best integrated, highest quality Max CAD translators on the market today. We guarantee it.


  • Native Translation of Catia, Pro/E and UG data.

  • Multi-processor mesh generation - leverage the power of today's multi-core and/or multi-processor architectures for up to 3x performance improvement over Power Translators Basic..

  • Powerful face flipping and visibility tools - Unique ring based advanced surface unification algorithm will quickly work to unify the adjoining surface orientations.

  • Resolution Independent Mesh - Power Translators Imported NURBS objects are procedural allowing you the freedom to increase or decrease the polygon count of the View port Mesh or Render Mesh.

  • Import Precise Trimmed NURBS

  • Automatic and Manual Sewing Tools

  • Duplicate face detection - intelligent duplicate surface detection mechanism.


Power Translators Universal is the answer to get those native CAD models and assemblies into MAX or VIZ with the push of a button. Power Translators Universal reads native Pro/Engineer, Catia, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Unigraphics, Rhino, JT, Parasolid, files and creates a "Power NURBS" object to represent the precise geometry defined in these advanced CAD files. It can then create a mesh at render time to a specified user defined tolerance relative to the size of the object in the image. For example, a tolerance of 1/2 Pixel will produce an extremely high quality image with very smooth edges that do not have polygonal artifacts. The "Power NURBS" object introduced by Power Translators Universal can have materials applied at the sub-object level and supports most MAX Mesh modifiers (twist, UVMap, etc.). Power Translators Universal could easily pay for itself on a single project in time savings alone.

Send email to David Gill and request a demo version of Power Translators Universal.


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I can't tell you how long I have personally been looking for a solution to the problem of high quality transfer to 3DSMax (I am talking years not months!). I had actually just given up trying to achieve the quality we require for very close close-ups (using VRML2 and PolyTrans) having discovered that the main problem was in fact the way Max uses smoothing groups and not the normals stored in the CAD/VRML file. I found your software when I was doing one of my 'there must be a way' web searches, actually looking for a plugin that would allow me to utilize the polygon normals instead of Max smoothing.

I think your plugin is fantastic, I know creating a BRep modeler from scratch in no mean feat (I used to work for EDS UG, and have spent quite a lot of time both in development in the US and up in Cambridge (UK) where PARASOLID™ is developed) and seeing one working in Max is quite a revelation!

 -- Nick Burt