Power Surfacing Testimonials


  • TenLinks awards Gold Medal Best in Show at SolidWorks World to Power Surfacing!

    Best in Show

    "Power Surfacing awarded Gold Medal Best in Show software at SolidWorks World. See TenLinks article "nPower Makes SolidWorks a Surfacing Monster". See full article.

  • Sean Conner, Hickenbottom, Inc.

    "Power Shell really has been amazing. Truly a massive help in frustration and time...SolidWorks shell always fails, and the workarounds are very tedious and time consuming. It's the only 3rd-party tool I've purchased for SolidWorks."

  • Damon Langlois, Codetta

    "The software is truly amazing. The fact that it creates a body that can be used to create a true shell is awesome."

  • "I love this software!!!"

  • Ziga Gorjup, Gorjup Design

    "I am still extensively using your software and I think it is marvelous!...Keep up the good work!"


    Gorjup Design

    Gorjup Design

  • Justin Lefebvre, Derby Building Products Inc.

    "I was able to convert the very complex scan I was working with to a usable surface. It made the workload MUCH easier and I have been able to save at least 40h of CAD in this project….Power Surfacing RE has been extremely helpful for this project."

  • Gavin Colgan-Smith, ARB Corporation Ltd

    "We have some recent successes after the implementation of Powersurface which has -in particular project- phenomenally reduced the time to get parts to tooling, by approximately 4 weeks!"

  • A. M. Robertson

    "I sat down with the software yesterday for my first extensive session with and just fell in love with it. This means a lot you guys. I’ve spent countless hours trying to sculpt shapes and still have reached unsatisfactory results. I justify my patience now with the amount of time the software will be saving me in the long run. Absolutely wonderful work. It is a very advantageous add-in."



    A. M. R. Industrial

  • Salem Almehairbi

    "Amazing software and it exceeds our expectations."

    Extreme Anglers

    Extreme Anglers Marine Equipment Est.

    Extreme Anglers Marine Equipment Est.

  • Dean Bourne, 3D Design Limited

    "Power shell. Wow! What a tool. I have been working on a golf club driver head for a customer. Very organic shapes, sharp features with small break rads etc. They wanted an SLA print of the form and of course being able to shell meant reduced print time and material costs. SW on it’s own would never manage this operation. I’m impressed. Well done and thank you."

  • Stuart Brown

    "Am not often impressed. However, genuinely you and your team have created something truly superb...The beauty of your method is it really looks superb and, as per previous, will allow me to create items using less material, that look better/more consistent..." "Have spent the last couple of days experimenting with your new product. Has thrown up many new possibilities and re-design that I could not have done before. Also, never imagined looking at the shell to be subtracted to try and make it look better to this degree. Has revolutionised my business in a similar way that power surfacing did a few years back. Will save a lot of money and time."

    3D Engineers

    3D Engineers

  • Alex Haysler

    "the Power Shell feature has already been a great success!"


    Biz Karts website

  • Andries van Overbeek

    "For me personally PowerSurfacing is an incredibly powerful and enabling tool, I'm very happy I came across it!"

    "PowerSurfacing makes the CAD process much more joyful, intuitive and playful and less tedious."


    See the concept car that Andries modeled using Power Surfacing

  • Jeroen Claus

    "Feel free to share any of the cars on my profile. They're made with you're amazing plugin"


    See all of the cool automotive designs that Jeroen Claus modeled using Power Surfacing

  • Žiga Gorjup

    "You made this amazing software which made my workflow much faster and I can realize my ideas much easier. "


    See all the designs that Žiga Gorjup creates at GorjupDesign

  • Mostafa Tohidifar

    "I did all of these with your plugin. nPower is amazing. Solidworks is more powerful with Powersurfacing. Thank you. "


    See all the designs that Mostafa Tohidifar modeled using Power Surfacing

  • Sandy (Praxis Product Design)

    "I frequently use Solidworks with Powersurfacing and find the form freedom of PS and the precision of SW a joy to work with."

    "PS. It's a truly great programme"

    Sandy Image
    See Larger Image.

  • Pete Hamilton (Designs In Air (DesignsInAir.com)

    "I am very pleased with Power Surfacing; it is a natural tool for making the sort of thing i do. In combination with SolidWorks, it promises to make my job freer, more fun and our product more organic. We use another plug in called ExactFlat which extracts and processes fabric patterns from SolidWorks models, these 3 software together are amazing."

    Client: grant-associates.uk.com , Forest of the Imagination

  • Jesse Maier, Maier Manufacturing, Inc.

    "Thanks for the great products!" "Your Power Surfacing RE has been an amazing (and fun) tool to work with."

    " Thanks again for the amazing software; Power Surfacing makes my job fun!"
  • Björn Fjelddahl, Qamcom Sweden

    "Thanks a lot for your help and assistance with this splendid software.
    I am very pleased with the result...Thank you all for developing this great addin to solidworks!
    Without your excellent software it had been very hard to model the hips. "


    "We do fairings for motorbikes too and your plug in makes it easier and faster."

  • Pete Readey, Steamachines

    "...fantastic product!"

  • Eric Huwald, Citgo Works

    "...it’s the most satisfying add-in for SolidWorks that I’ve ever used."

  • Brandon Vazquez , Cadwell Industries

    "I reeeeeally like this software!"

  • Adil Ali, BMW Group Design Works

    "Great product by the way!"

  • Stuart Brown, 3D Engineers

    "Love your product! Thanks again. Such a pleasure to use."

  • James Bevan, Duncan Walton London

    "I love your program, for me the Power Surfacing plugin represents the most significant advancement in Solidworks modelling capability in more than a decade!"

  • Benjamin Ngoma Rodahl

    "...I stumbled upon your plugin by accident while I was trying to solve some solidworks modelling issues. I downloaded your tryout version, and not only did it solve my problem completely, it really opened up a whole new world of possibilities that I've originally been forced to use other software (than Solidworks) to reach. Powersurfacing is really quite amazing to be honest..."

  • Raquel Rabago, Tovolo

    "Power Surfacing has exceeded every one of our expectations for delivering fast results in a dynamic editing environment within SolidWorks. We are such fans of the new plugin..."

  • Jason Pancoast, CAPINC

    "Adding Subdivision Surface modeling capability to SolidWorks in the most integrated and seamless way possible for a 3rd party, Power Surfacing for SolidWorks is unique in the game-changing functionality it brings to SolidWorks. The Sub-D approach to complex shape design is COMPLETELY unlike anything you have EVER been able to do in SolidWorks, and yet it complements SolidWorks so well. Their price point is remarkable given the functionality they are bringing to the table."

  • Jeremy Singley, www.jeremysingley.com

    " It generally takes 5000 hours of practice to learn SolidWorks to a level where you can build a car ... In a week, I'm building a better car with nPower. And it's FUN!"

    "... I really like SolidWorks CAD software. But added to that, your relationship with SW gives us what we surfacers have been pleading for for years: a complete modeling package. Welcome!"

  • Danen Lynn, Gunwerks

    "Still loving the add-on. It's been my best friend."

  • Luc Spruyt, 3D Assist

    "Power surfacing is a very usefull tool that realy improves the surface capabilities of Solidoworks. More intuitive, faster and more fore fun."

  • Todd Abernethy, CHASEDESIGN, LLC

    "I'm really excited about this software ... Having it integrated into the SW platform is a dream come true."

  • Adam OHern, EvD Media LLC, CADjunkie.com

    "... this is even more awesomer than I thought :) STOKED."

  • Pascal Turcotte

    "Power Surfacing is extremely easy and powerful to use."

  • Alex Jones, Cambridge Industrial Design

    "A great product!"

  • William Gould, Gould Studios

    "I've been putting it to the test, and am VERY impressed ... and am sure I will add it to my pipeline!"

    "e;Attached are some images of my first real model, a Bonneville Lakester concept car. I've wanted to do this look for years, but it's really not practical in SolidWorks. Until now!"

  • Eric Lagman

    "As an industrial designer I have been dreaming of a tool like this for years"

  • Gary Ledder

    "I love your software."

  • Mike Tripoli, SCARY Design

    "I am more than blown away by what you have done ... I have always wanted the ability to do what this does"

  • Sal Lama, Hasbro

    "You've got an amazing product"

  • Rob Rodriguez, SOLIDWORKS blogger

    "Wow...Great Product"

  • Matthew Adams, Tekt Industries

    "I have been enjoying ... Power Surfacing and think it is an amazing addition to SolidWorks"

  • Andreas Gkertos, Athens

    "... all I can say is that this is amazing!"

  • Jürgen Fröhlich, FES Engineering Services

    "Congratulations for this great piece of software"

  • Tom Grimm, TGA-IPD


  • Stuart Brown, 3D Engineers

    "Power Surfacing has brought the fun back into surface design. Change existing Solidworks surfaces and create new ones on the fly. Good price point. Easy to use. What is not to like with Power Surfacing? I believe that you cannot now count yourself as a Solidworks surfacing professional unless you have Power Surfacing in your armoury. The gains in productivity are truly epic. Power Surfacing is a true game changer for Solidworks surfacing users."

  • Craig Gadd

    "Wow, I love the software so far!"

  • Tina Post, Implantech Associates, Inc.

    "I use the power surfacing add-in everyday on different projects, it has been an amazing help in the surfaces we try to create."

  • Todd Abernethy, SKA-CDS

    "Love the program. "

  • Jeremy Singley, www.jeremysingley.com

    "CAD users know that parametric nurbs programs like SolidWorks are great for modeling precision geometry like gears, frames, etc. For building organic shapes, not so much. On the other hand, surfacing softwares make great curvy shapes but stumble over an exact 10 mm circle. Until recently, never the twain had met. Enter Integrity's nPower Surfacing add-in for SolidWorks. We've been giving it a try, and we are floored."

    "No baby steps for us; we sat in on a few short tutorials, fired this puppy up and sat down to build a car, something it takes years of experience to do well in nurbs. How did it come out? Check out the picture. How long did it take? A few hours."

    "Incredibly intuitive to learn, easy to use, and seamlessly functional right inside SolidWorks, this software is a joy. The surface model (actually a solid if you want) lives in the manager tree as a feature. You can go back and edit it like any feature, and downstream SolidWorks alterations will update automatically. And best of all, it's fun!"

    ...And they are listening to their users. In the meantime, we're finding nPower more than adequate for professional work. "

    Not sure we shouldn't push the windshield on that car back 6 inches or so. Know how long that will take? Ten seconds. And nothing will break in the SolidWorks tree."

  • Ziga Gorjup, GorjupDesign

    "Since I discovered the Power Surfacing for SolidWorks plug-in, I am using it for most of my time and on most of my projects. There has always been a gap between the polygonal modelling software and CAD software. It was always easy to create complex designs and shapes in polygonal modelling software and use it as an idea for presentation, but those ideas mostly went one step further, they needed to be realized and there was always a problem to get the same shape, lines and surfaces in CAD software. With the Power Surfacing for SolidWorks I can start designing the shape directly in CAD, use it as an idea and for presentation and after that work on exactly the same file to the final stage (Drawings, Tool design, Assembly modelling, Adding feature, etc.)."

    "I found Power Surfacing for SolidWorks very useful also as a reverse engineering software. Some shapes and designs are easier to be clay modelled at the start. You can simply import the 3d scanned files into SolidWorks and start modeling the complex shapes and surfaces with Power Surfacing in a similar way you designed the clay model . You can easily follow the shape of 3d scanned object, just move some vertices and instantly see the difference on a surface shape."

    "I am currently working on a motorcycle design project, where I needed to design motorcycle components out of clay in 1:1 scale. Those designs were 3d scanned and imported in SolidWorks. With the help of Power Surfacing all the components were reverse engineered and CAD modelled in several hours."

    "Power Surfacing for SolidWorks sure is time and money saver as you are able to design extremely fast and efficient in one software environment only. For that kind of design before Power Surfacing you needed several different softwares and a whole lot of time."

  • Erik Guzman, erikguzman.com

    "Power Surfacing completes the PRODUCT DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING PACKAGE"

    "Power Surfacing's strength lays not only inside Solid Works (SW). In combination with Modo it the quickest, cleanest, and also least expensive work flow to create a high-end industrial level product. Spanning from product design, to manufacturing, to rendering out stills and animations of the product for marketing. This is all possible because of nPower's Power Surfacing plug-in for SW."

    "Minus all the impressive technology included in Power Surfacing, the decision to have the software translate the info native in SW is it's true strength ... Power Surfacing really puts me in the drivers seat, allowing me to plan ahead for how the shape gets designed ... This is where Power Surfacing really is truly amazing ... bring it into SW using power surfacing, is a thing of beauty. You get a clean solid that still can be manipulated inside SW."

    Check out the full blog entry here.

  • Danen Lynn, Gunwerks

    "As a high end, superior quality rifle manufacturer, Gunwerks is always seeking to make our products just right. It's all about the customer experience, something we excel in. So when it came time to design a new gun stock, we wanted to make the most comfortable feeling stock we could for our customers."

    "I'm a huge fan of SolidWorks. I've been designing products using SolidWorks for many years now. I feel pretty confident in my ability to do what I need to in the program to make things look right. However, when it came down to designing the grip area of the gun stock, a very organic component, the regular capabilities of SolidWorks just didn't cut it. Sure I was able to get pretty close, but in keeping with Gunwerks' drive for excellence, pretty close wasn't near good enough. And quite honestly, I was getting very frustrated not being able to do what I wanted to do."

    "In my search for a solution, I stumbled across Power Surfacing for SolidWorks from NPower Software. I watched the video tutorials and it appeared to be my answer. The guys at NPower offered a free trial period with full capabilities, so I downloaded and dove in."

    "I can't give enough accolades to those guys for designing such a superior product. Sure regular SolidWorks surfacing has a place, but it has taken a back seat to my new found abilities with Power Surfacing. Working in Power Surfacing feels like molding with clay. Finally I have a way to master FULL CONTROL of my models. There doesn't appear to be any limit on what I can shape using this tool. Needless to say, when I showed my boss what it was capable of and what I was unable to do without it, he was sold."

    "You don't have to take my word for it, though I'm happy to stamp my approval. Just try it for yourself and you'll find out what I did. How did we ever survive in the 3D CAD world without Power Surfacing before this?"