Don't Re-create -- Power Translate!


Kent Jensen (Rendermonkey ab) "I purchased this 15 years ago and have used it all the time. It has strongly contributed to our success during the is fantastic to use your translator..."
Tomihiko Shionoya I love npower.

Greg Hogan (TECH-NIQUE)

I tend to be sent STEP files by clients for their product geometry and find your latest importer brilliant. Faultless complex object import, particularly those involved with moulding etc., lots of detailed ribs and smooth edges, no strange tears or holes. Fantastic. Thanks for  a great product enhancer.

Joel Fazzi I sure appreciate everything, the plug-ins are so wonderful!

Douglas Bowker

Thanks for some great products. You basically make what I do possible!

David Mansueto
Company:  Marc Newson Ltd.


Many thanks, and many thanks for a great product as well!

Peter McGroarty (The Design Factor)

Works a treat and is a great addition to our work flow

Michael Peter (Video Graph)

I am so thankful for your Support. I never had this excellent kind of Support! Really, we are so happy for your help. Everything works perfectly now...! So, thank you again for doing such a great job.

Luke Gustafson

(President - DataHouse Studios)

nPower's Power Nurbs Pro Bundle and their Power Translators proved to be the best interpolation tools we have tested (we have been researching for the better part of 4 years and have direct connections with most of the major software manufactures). The integrity of the models in 3ds Max is unparalleled because it remains a Nurb's surface- The user has control of when and how they want to convert the model into a polygonal form. Since most of our animations are ridged body, there is no need to convert to poly's (no skinning or weighting). When we do need that control, conversion is a snap.


Sune Tarp (artist)


Thanks for all the support, you have truely been a great help and your plugin is amazing, now I can create fantastic renders for my project. Thats so cool..;)


George D. Vitetta JR

Benet Laboratories

We here at Benet Laboratories, recipients' of the prestigious Baldrige Award ( files/2007 ARDEC-Application Summary.pdf), utilize Npower's Translators Pro software. This software has increased our productivity by 200% and decreased our cost to our customer. Currently we transfer complex models assemblies from all our CAD software's (Pro Engineer, Inventor Pro and AutoCAD Design) to our multimedia system for simulations. We have transfered up to 1,000 complex parts at a time flawlessly within 20 minutes. I would recommend this product to any manufacturing or multimedia facility who simulates designs for presentations and simulations in VR.

David Rees

(3D Group Lead
Bombardier Completion Centr)

we bought your product and it works perfectly (the only product I've ever said that about!)


Daniel Westerberg (President - Westerberg Design, Inc.)

nPower products are part of our everyday workflow and are responsible for a substantial increase in the efficiency of my team. I cannot see how we could perform without them. Additionally, nPower customer service is bar none the best on the planet.

Andy Engelkemier (Whirlpool)

As you can tell we are enjoying the software. We are getting great results...We noticed a dramatic increase in productivity right away. What used to take us nearly a day now only takes roughly an hour, and with noticeably better quality.

Simon McGwire

This is actually the best software I have seen in a long time. I work as a senior concept designer in the film industry. On very big films (currently Mission:Impossible3) where speed is very much the order of the day. And your software has greatly increased my productivity. Even more so with CNC machining becoming more and more prevalent in the film industry. Being available to export detailed models greatly increases the turn around, especially when we have often little more than a week from design to presentation prototype.

Mark Hall

I’ve discovered something that I’m really pleased with.  We get both IGES and STEP files from engineering.  We prefer IGES but for some solids in CATIA, STEP files are better.  The problem with STEP is that the files take so long to open that you can’t tell until complete whether it will be successful or not.  I’ve been opening them in Rhino and it takes hours sometimes, so I open the file when I leave at night and hope it works.  I just tried to import a 17MB STEP file into 3ds max using Power Translators and it only took about 5 minutes.  This is great!

Richard Ikin
(Advanced Illustration Ltd.)

We purchased a copy of the Power Solids / Translators / Booleans for MAX Bundle back in March, and are finding the product invaluable, so much so that we would like 2 more copies!

Shannon Smith

I have tried out your product this morning and we were able to translate a STEP file to 3DS Max 6 in about thirty seconds (rounds and all) which previously took us nearly a whole day to translate across – after translating separate parts (some minus rads). On the strength of that, we have purchased your Solids/Booleans/Translator bundle.

Paul Sherstobitoff

Thanks for the fantastic service and support.... and taking the time on the phone to answer every question I had. Your pluggin is exactly what I needed to squeeze the most from my current toolset within the Max interface and workflow. Translator is a must-have pluggin for owners of Rhino and any other modeler which can generate the formats needed. Keep up the great work!!

Steve Teller 
(Inhance Digital Corp)

We got stuck with 100 separate IGES files and a week to complete a three and a half minute animation. With Power Translators, and just a few short hours, we were able to quickly translate all of the files into clean meshes with no smoothing problems. We met our deadline, and the results were fantastic. The project wrapped successfully! Thanks in large part to your software. Thanks really did save this project.

Frances Gainer Davey
(Surreal Structures)

(First PowerTranslators Customer!)

FYI, I was playing with Viz and imported the human head nurbs model from the Rhino samples folder. First, I brought it in as a brep. Radiosity processing took less than a minute and rendering with the Regather option took about 3 minutes. Then, I exported it from Rhino as 3ds and opened it in Viz. It took nearly 15 minutes to process the radiosity and about 9 minutes to render. I was quite surprised at the difference. (NOTE: Marlin Studios supplied the bump texture.) See Image.

Jonas Ahnme

I would like to say that you have an awesome product.  It's a great feeling to be able to open 3dm files directly from 3dsViz, after a couple of years of exporting meshed 3ds objects, and failing iges geometries from Rhino to Viz.  The Brep wireframe looks a lot better than the default Viz wireframe, and for some reason I feel it's easier to pick the right objects with the Brep wireframe.

Nick Burt

I can't tell you how long I have personally been looking for a solution to the problem of high quality transfer to 3DSMax (I am talking years not months!). I had actually just given up trying to achieve the quality we require for very close close-ups (using VRML2 and PolyTrans) having discovered that the main problem was in fact the way Max uses smoothing groups and not the normals stored in the CAD/VRML file. I found your software when I was doing one of my 'there must be a way' web searches, actually looking for a plugin that would allow me to utilize the polygon normals instead of Max smoothing.

I think your plugin is fantastic, I know creating a BRep modeller from scratch in no mean feat (I used to work for EDS UG, and have spent quite a lot of time both in development in the US and up in Cambridge (UK) where PARASOLID™ is developed) and seeing one working in Max is quite a revelation!

Richard Toften

Your plug-in is fantastic and I use it all the time, importing from Rhino and ProE. Thanks for providing such a useful tool!

Bjarne Skov Sorensen

What an excellent tool “Power Translator” is – downright indispensable.

Troy Buckley
(Visual Resolutions,llc.
Power Solids, Power Booleans & Power Translators customer)

I have been extensively using all of the nPower software creating an entirely new art pipeline for my company. The nPower software is the heart of the new updated pipeline to allow us the flexibility that we require...after a couple of projects where I used nPower almost exclusively, the time savings was incredible. Not only that, but being able to go down the BRep 'stack' and get to other operations allowed me to make MAJOR revisions to a entire building in a fraction of the time it would have taken to start over from scratch. I have become so accustomed to using nPower software, that when I get to a computer that doesn't have it, I almost feel handicapped.

Tony Richardson

...I appreciate your prompt response to this. Great service and a great product!!  What more can you ask for!

Eric Morin

BTW... the last project that I was using the Power Translators on was a big success.

Joe Englert

Power Translators is a blessing to us who have struggled for a long time importing Rhino and other nurbs models into Max.

Aksel Karcher

wow - I just downloaded your demo of Power Translators and this is most impressive!!

Eric Klein

I'm totally hooked on Power Translators now.

Markus Schmidt

We use them mainly to import iges files into 3ds max.
The results are very clean meshes.... good pluggy:)

Alan Flamand

Thanks (and a great piece of software!)

Yusuf Islam

(Cosworth Ltd.)

Long Live Power Translators, the greatest plugin ever!

Jan Gouiedo have made a nice software, Thanks!

Lewis Freeman

Can't render without npower! It's a revolution.

Douglas Bowker
3D Animation

Thanks as always for a great product. I can't tell you how many times I used it last year!

Glenn Snider


GREAT product! Flawless imports from ProENGINEER to 3DS Max.

Ryan Morency


...glad to see Npower still kicking, I don't know what we would do without the translator!

Juergen Hildenbeutel

Landmark Design

I'm very happy with the Npower-Software.
Don't even work with mesh-models any more!

Martin Becker


puppeteers gmbh

I wanted to let you know, that your software has proven to be
very useful to us. Its a great tool!
Congratulations to everybody who participated in creating it.

Mathieu Lesavre


We definitely trust nPower for translating our most critical CAD data and even beyond!!! You have no idea how everybody was trying to convince us with their own in-house tricks at IGES export and so on. We have tried so many ways and we can testify how great your software is. Truly.

Duane Loose

alphaZED studios, INC.

Love Power Translator

MAX iges Import = choked and crashed on a 50 piece 114 mb IGES file. Couldn't complete the process.

Power translators = 1 minute Import. No weird faces (flipped etc.)  PERFECT

thank you!!!

Josefa Mcdermott


Thanks for the fast response. You guys are great!  I just want to thank you for your quick response and sage advice. It's up and running and I'm very satisfied with your program.

Matthew Danese
DRS Technologies

Working Great! ...I'm loving this program.

Joel Howe
Framework Media, Inc

You do an amazing job and honestly my workday would be absolutely miserable without your product. You guys rock! Keep up the great work!

Eric Krusselbrink
Idenova BV

...thanks for the great Power Translator.

Kim Aragones

great service, great product - keep it up!

Lou Grohs
Neoscape, Inc

The ability to convert directly to Max Mesh at Superfine is awesome.  Also, being able to load multiple files at once is a big timesaver.  Nice work!

Steffen Dyhr-Nielsen

Just wanna thank you for the best importer ever..
My workflow has been improved & the speed my hair graying out has decreased drastically :-D 

Darren Kam
Constructive Media Pty Ltd

Thanks for the great software

Marc Bull

you've made my life so much easier!!

Matti Laakso
Aveon Media

I appreciate your help and thank you for this life-saver software.

Pieter Suur

Just opened some STEP-files in Maya 2009 and it worked perfect.

William Monteleone

Lost Art Design


Very nice. I love how it preserves my assembly hierarchy. I also love how I can adjust the tessellation easily on the fly. This is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Pieter Suur

I have to say I am very pleased with Maya Power Translators, works perfect. Also the changing of 'resolution' is very useful.

Doug Howard

As always thank you, we love your software.

Olaf Finkbeiner

There is no better nurbs software if you work with 3dsMax...
No better surface than a nurbs surface...
We like our fillets well done ... our favorite boolean butcher is npower...
PowerNurbs has paid for itself with the first job we used it for...
There is geometry you cant build without nurbs in a reasonable timeframe...
Npower listens to their customers...
Powernurbs work for mainworks

Tom Saxby

Light The Box Ltd.


Just to let you know the software is working brilliantly. It is going to save me so much time. Well done for creating such a fantastic plugin!

Francis Bernier
PXL 3D & Visualization

Your product is really the best tool to import and generate NURBS meshes in 3DSmax ! I love it.

Jens Mondry

pure praise. employer asked me, whether I could generate some images of some of our...electronic modules for a flyer. So I collected some (ProEngineer->) IGES files from our construction department and tried to import.


Out of sheer curiosity I gave the max default IGES importer a chance with a medium heavy file. It took it some 13 minutes to reach 99% and then crashed max. The same in max 7.5 and max 8. Well OK, I feared that much.


So I put pwrTranslator to the task. Wow! Again, wow! After only a few Seconds I had the complete model with no bugs or weird lines. So I put on some textures, a baseplate of pwrSketch with a pwrDetailer text, 3 lights and a lensflare and after a total of no more than approx. 10 minutes I got the attached picture. (I haven’t polished the model, its just as it came from the import) My boss was smashed. But so am I too.


With a number of complex models to import for a few “nice” pictures I cannot put a number on how many hours of work pwrTranslator will probably safe me, but it must be worth its weight in gold! (How much does a CD weigh, though?(;-)) Or a download?) No seriously, I’m deeply impressed. So this is the third pwrTool that does deliver amazingly. You’re doing a great job out there.